Goodbye Heartbreak Love Pain Relationship Sad Tears

Goodbye In Heartbreaks πŸ’”

I put masculinity to shame,

As I shed tears for love,

For the first time,

I felt the goodbyes in heartbreaks,

The memories created,

Destroyed to avoid pain,

It was a sad feeling,

Why do we love so much,

And then allow it end,

Did we loose our strength in transit,

When did the zeal to avoid mistakes flee,

Are we risking an experience in search of a perfect partner,

The one we never come across,

The pillow is the only witness,

Soaking true goodbye tears,

It was the best decision,

Even love has to come to a conclusion,

The essence of the departing is now understood,

If only I could,

But goodbyes are like weeds,

Will always be there even when not needed.


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