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My Words πŸ“

I lost my voice

Maybe for lack of relevance

Or maybe for lack of appreciation

For so long I went silent

For so long my thoughts were never expressed

Slowly I watched my confidence sail away

Till I embraced loneliness

Slowly all that mattered vanished

Till I embraced depression

One lonely night I found hope

One lonely night I found a goal

I began to write

I began to pour out the pain

I started asking questions

I started finding answers

I realized I was never alone

I realized there were people who could connect

Suddenly my voice mattered

Suddenly all that mattered became clear

My words brought courage

My words became my voice


7 replies on “My Words πŸ“”

When you write you will not be alone,
And you will have many friends
If you post it on your page,
Friends would read it, I’m with you now,
And you will not be alone.🌹😁



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