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The Curse of Free Will

We have been cursed with free will

So there will never be a balance

Love will never supersede hate

More reason the rich will always be few

More reason hunger has lived long

The poor always the majority

There will never be equality

Only more of greed and fear of death

Talk of deceit or fear over love

We strive hard to reach our goals

Our goals strive hard to stay far

Truth from a nation of stagnation

Words from the product of a failed system

As always time creeps in

As always time has no patience

If the goal is not lust over vanity

Then time will be a blessing

And death a means to an end


5 replies on “The Curse of Free Will”

Please, what is free will if it a curse that keeps people downtrodden? It certainly is not that which keeps rhe wealthy exclusively on top. To be on top is to be trapped in the worship of money, no free will there. To let oneself chase after wealth, even if it us unreachable, to to have a one-track mind, again no free will there. Free will is to be honoured, used, and grown.

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Nicely noted. We all have free will which makes us do what whatever we please regardless of the consequences and effect on others around us and this is one of the major reasons the upper class will always be in control because most of their decisions are based on personal interest. That’s why there will always be poverty, that’s why some men of God will manipulate their congregation in other to use their own offerings to acquire privates jets, that’s why they create most of this viruses so they can come back to sell the vaccine. That’s why there’s still no electricity in some African countries because some certain ‘Top people’ generate their income from the fact that there’s no electricity and will also leave it that way as long as their pockets gets fat.

If we do not have the control to make decisions based on what’s best for society at large rather than our own personal interest, then we do not deserve free will because it’s only brought more pain to humanity than good right since the genesis. I’m from a country where all the citizens have always lived in pain, sorrow and agony. My forefathers suffered the same fate, my father suffered the same fate, I’m suffering the same and now I fear for my unborn children already. If we all were controlled by the supreme being and we had no free will, just maybe there will be less chaos in the world and by now, we won’t even be saying black lives matter.

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Nice to meet you, Damilola. The last sentence is where we differ, and thus come to different conclusions. You believe in a creator, my free will prevents me from doing the same. Free will is good because it allows us to make choices, including the choice to be responsible for our own lives. What I hear you saying is under a supreme being free will gives some people the ability to step on others, to use others for their own gain.
As I said in my first comment, it is not free will that lets them choose to do that, but rather their inability to care about others, and their great worship of money.
I can see what you are saying about the evil such leaders are exhibiting, people do suffer greatly in the elite’s search for more money. To me thus is not free will, but the need to have power, which is as ancient as humanity.
I don’t know what your teachers and preachers have told you about atheists (people who do not believe in gods or God), but it is wrong. We are not out to destroy religion or control how people believe, but we do want to help achieve a truly equal world. We are not out to through away morality, we just want to be able to make our own laws for the betterment of not just humanity, but every living being on this planet, and anywhere else we might find it, or it find us. As you say, most of the rules and laws created for us are made to control us, and keep us suffering. We don’t believe humans were born to suffer, but to achieve real happiness.
Nor do we force our choices upon others. What we do do is talk about the freedoms we have, including free will, as positive characteristics. We don’t need others to tell us murder is wrong, or intentionally causing pain is wrong. What we do want to do is to let others know they have a choice to abdicate their free will (let others tell them how to live), or to honour their free will, by being able to choose.
I myself, though from a so-called “advanced culture,” am also part of those who live in poverty, though obviously not as poor as you. I am part aboriginal, so white people, not just the elite but most people of white skin, try to step on me. I do not give them that ability. I choose to live within my means, but still be happy and fulfilled. I don’t need their money to do that. Nor do I need their permission!

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Thank you. I don’t know if you know any atheists, but if there is anything you would like to know, feel free to ask. The only thing I must warn you, I am not a “typical” atheist. There are a lot of very angry people who hate believing in a supreme being because they were horribly treated as children. While I was physically abused by my father, the only one I am angry at is him. I have a lot of very religious friends, including a sister who makes her religion her whole life, but they all know I don’t believe, and they don’t shun me because of it. They don’t try to “save” me, and I don’t try to make them stop believing. We get along.
But, if I am asked direct questions, I will answer truthfully. My atheisn is not just a rebellion against my Christian upbringing, it is true non-belief, well thought out, and deeply felt. For my part, though this may seem unfair, but I need to know nothing more about a religion, so this is not a sharing proposition. I am making this offer just because I do not like how religious people portray atheists as evil people. There are evil people everywhere, even among believers. I talk about regular people, because, in the end, that is who we are, just like you.
If you don’t want to know about atheism, just let me know, and I will disappear from your life.


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