Goodbye Heartbreak Love Pain Relationship Sad Tears

Goodbye In Heartbreaks 💔

I put masculinity to shame,

As I shed tears for love,

For the first time,

I felt the goodbyes in heartbreaks,

The memories created,

Destroyed to avoid pain,

It was a sad feeling,

Why do we love so much,

And then allow it end,

Did we loose our strength in transit,

When did the zeal to avoid mistakes flee,

Are we risking an experience in search of a perfect partner,

The one we never come across,

The pillow is the only witness,

Soaking true goodbye tears,

It was the best decision,

Even love has to come to a conclusion,

The essence of the departing is now understood,

If only I could,

But goodbyes are like weeds,

Will always be there even when not needed.

Goodbye Heartbreak Love Pain Relationship Sad Tears


Goodbye to heartaches,

Goodbye to heart race,

Goodbye to years of fear,

Goodbye to my hidden sad face,

My nights are no longer scary,

Filled with thoughts of the unknown,

My soul is no longer weary,

An escape from what was foretold,

I never knew love is blind,

Till I freed my mind,

I never knew my instinct was right,

Till I listened to the voice inside,

So goodbye to insecurity,

Goodbye to being misled,

Goodbye to the memories,

Goodbye to the pains we shared.

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Shackles of Love

Insanity might be making plans,

But I hear the winds utterance,

To reminisce only shows you’re human,

Tear drops might not be pain,

But a memory finding its way,

You left my heart homeless,

Thought love provides shelter,

That first kiss was careless,

But at the time it was all that matters,

Does she notice your mood swings,

Does she know your flare for a neck kiss,

The spot that tickles most,

How you go quiet when at your worst,

How calm can she be when the anger drifts in,

The right words your ear craves for,

But if all this was important,

Why am I left with just a pillow to cuddle,

And a salty tear drop that paints my lips,

All I hear is he’s no good,

We told you,

Maybe insanity is closer,

Because the voices are getting louder,

An exit from life would be an exit from pain,

So I stupidly overdose,

Waiting on my soul to evaporate,

From the shackles of love.

Heartbreak Love Pain Relationship Sad

Paying For Love

Why do I pray and still pay ?

Why did your love come late ?

What is the source of attraction ?

The bread I earn or the affection I display?

What is the offer on the table ?

The words that stand as pillar

That I’ve never heard

Is time precious to you ?

If so eloquently display an achievement

Or a period your morals was recognized

What is pride without knowledge ?

What is wealth without humility ?

My personality you’ve familiarized with

So what fuels this thirst ?

The soft spot for vanity

In your world what comes first ?

The illusion or reality ?

Will I be indebt till eternity ?

For prayers never saved me from paying